In October 2018 the Spanish National Section of PIANC (Technical Association of Ports and Coasts, ATPYC) will organize a new edition, which will be the seventh, of its National Congress. An event that has established itself as the reference event among the Spanish technical community in the port and coastal sector, as evidenced by the great interest it arouses amongst the professionals, both in terms of the number of delegates attending and the quantity and quality of abstracts presented to the paper selection process.


In this edition, as happened in 2012 at the occasion of the IV Congress held in Valencia and taking into consideration the excellent experience, the National Congress will be organized simultaneously with the Fourth Edition of the Mediterranean Days of PIANC. This initiative is led jointly with the Italian and French National Sections of PIANC, but aims to be open to other Nations in the Mediterranean area and to all the PIANC community. We are confident that the event will allow and encourage both personal networking and the exchange of experiences with professionals from other countries, promoting the dissemination of new and different solutions to technical problems. For this reason, and even though it is a regional event, the Congress is open to members of other National Sections, both at the level of attendance and presentation of papers, in order to provide a high international technical impact to the event.


The motto chosen for this edition is "Working with Nature”. A way of acting started up years ago by PIANC, which is strategic for the future of our profession. A way to address the challenges that overcome the concept of traditional respect for the environment, aimed at minimizing environmental impacts or the application of mitigation actions. Working with Nature is a significant step forward in considering the actions based on the use and improvement of the natural processes themselves in order to achieve the specific objectives of the navigation infrastructure. In this way, proactive solutions are promoted that allow achieving the objectives pursued in ports, coastal and waterways in a joint, simultaneous and inseparable way with the best use of opportunities and improvement of the environmental qualities of nature.


The Technical Committee, made up of representatives of the National Sections of Spain, France and Italy, has chosen a general theme of the Congress that includes fields such as the sustainable management of ports and coasts, adaptation to climate change, development of sustainable logistics chains or coastal management. All this without leaving the most traditional fields of the activity of our Association, such as the planning and management of infrastructure or the experiences and innovations in design, construction and operation of port and coastal works,  subjects of the maximum interest and relevance for our national and international stakeholders.


I want to encourage all PIANC members, as well as professionals and organizations that, in some way, have activities or interests in our fields of action, both the traditional waterborne navigation infrastructure as those above mentioned, to participate in this edition of the Congress as speakers and attendees. And, very especially, those who have not yet joined PIANC encourage them to approach our Association and know the opportunities that can offer.


Our hosts in this next edition of the Congress will be the port and the city of Seville; an outstanding venue from all sides. From the technical point of view, for the opportunity that introduces us to a reality that, being usual in other countries of the world, represents a singularity in the Spanish port system, such as an inland port for seagoing vessels. And from the organizational point of view, for the facilities and services that Seville offers us as venue and the outstanding historical, cultural, artistic and human interest that the city offers, first in warmly welcoming the visitor. An election that ensures organizational success and that will mean the return of PIANC to Seville, after the celebration in 1994 of the 28th World Congress, almost 25 years ago.


I conclude this presentation by thanking the invaluable collaboration that, as is traditional, we are offered by both Puertos del Estado and the Port Authority of Seville as host, without whose enthusiastic support, encouragement and dedication this event would not be possible.


Francisco Esteban Lefler

President of ATPYC, Spanish Section of PIANC


ATPYC Puertos del Estado




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